California Watercolor Association

44th National Exhibition (Feb 2014)
42nd National Exhibition (Feb 2012)
Signature Member Show (Oct/Nov 08)
39th National Exhibition (Oct/Dec 07)
37th National Exhibition (April 05)
CWA National Exhibition (May/Jun 97)
CWA National Exhibition (May/Jun 96)

San Diego Watercolor Society

34th Annual International Exhibition (Sept 2014)
28th Annual International (Oct 08)
International Exhibition (Oct/Nov 03)
XVIII International Exhibition (95)

Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Society

39th Annual National Exhibition (Sep/Oct 12)
Exhibition 2007 (Sep/Nov 07)
30th Exhibition (Aug/Oct 03)
Exhibition 2002 (Aug/Oct 02)

Northwest Watercolor Society

74th Annual Open Exhibition (Apr/May 2014)
73rd Annual Open Exhibition (Apr/May 2013)
66th Annual Open Exhibition (Apr 06)
Waterworks 2005 (Oct/Nov 05)
65th Annual Exhibition (Apr/Jun 05)
Waterworks 2004 (Nov/Dec 04)

Western Federation of Watercolor Association

39th Annual Exhibition (May 2014)
38th Annual Exhibition (June 2013)
27th Annual Exhibition (May/Aug 02)

Texas Visual Arts Association

Citation 2012-Best of Show (Nov/Dec 2012)
National Multimedia Exhibit (May/Jul 07)

Texas Watercolor Association

65th Annual Exhibition (Apr/May 2014)
64th Annual Exhibition (Apr/May 2013)
56th Annual Juried Exhibition (Feb/Mar05)

Society of Watercolor Artists – Fort Worth

2014 International Juried Exhibition (May 2014)

Southern Watercolor Society

37th Annual Juried Exhibition (Feb 2014)

Southwestern Watercolor Society

51st 2014 SWS Membership Show
50th 2013 SWS Membership Show
49th Annual Membership Exhibition (Sep/Oct 12)

Plano Arts Association

“Change” Exhibition (Aug 2013)
“125” 7th Annual Juried Show (Mar/Apr 12)
National Exhibition (Apr/May 04)
Richardson Civic Art Society
48th Annual Exhibition (May 2014)

Adirondacks National Exhibition

American Watercolors (Aug/Oct 06)
American Watercolors (Aug/Sep 02)

Oklahoma Art Guild

2013 National Watermedia Art Show (Jun/Jul 2013)

Triton Museum of Art Watercolor Exhibition

(Jan/Mar 07), Biennial (Dec 02-Feb 03),
Biennial (Jan 01) & (Feb/Apr 94)

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX

Challenge of Champions (Apr/May 03)

Gallery Shows

Gregory Kate Gallery (Mar/May 08)
BD Art Gallery (Jan/Mar 07)
Gallery Morgan Hill (Jul 99 & May 01)
Galeria Tonantzin (Jan 2000)

Mountain View Performing Arts Center

Solo Show (Sep/Nov 03)

Publications featuring my paintings

Northlight Books -The Artistic Touch 5 (2012)
Rockport – Best of Watercolor Painting (1997)
Rockport – The Collected Best of Watercolor (2002)
South County Magazine (1993)